Cheapest SSL Certificate for your website – Pricing is only $0.32/Month

Great news for you! Now you can buy Cheapest SSL Certificate very easily. You can’t believe but you can get it for only $3.88/Year. It’s socking pricing.

How to find Cheapest SSL Certificate

I am a web developer and handling too many websites for my clients. In the beginning, I used Godaddy, Hostgator, and Bluehost types of SSL. But all these were very costly. I always try to provide the right solutions for my clients. And I research for Cheapest SSL Certificate. So I can save money for a lot of clients.

A few years ago I find some free SSL and I used that for my testing website. But all that was not useful. Sometimes they working or sometimes not. There were also security issues with that FREE SSL Certificate.  All these were not useful for me and I leave all that and move in the right direction.

Find out Cheapest SSL Certificate for the website

I find one website that was providing Cheapest SSL Certificate. Its pricing was amazing and I used this also for my testing website. This was working awesome and not found any issues with that. I decide to use this Cheapest SSL Certificate for my client’s websites. I used it for many websites and Today also I am using that certificate. You can also buy Cheapest SSL Certificate from here.

Cheapest SSL Certificate for your website - Pricing is only $0.32/Month


Why need SSL-Certificate for website

SSL certificate showing your website secure to end-user. If you did not buy a certificate for your website your website URL will something like this  but if you are using a certificate for your website then URL will look like this: Here you can see different easily. If you think there is a difference is only HTTP:// and HTTPS://, You are wrong. https://shows your website is secure and the end-user can trust you. If your website is HTTP:// Your website is not trusted.

Google highly recommended you should choose HTTP:// and it’s possible with an SSL certificate. That you can buy from here. You notice, when we reach some websites it shows the message “Your Connection is not private”. And you can see the website. It means on this website SSL certificate is not installed and it’s required to install. If your website has a payment method then you have to install this otherwise payment method will not work.

One more important thing that you should know, If you have not installed this certificate, your website’s reputation will down in Google searches. So you need to install an SSL certificate for your website.

Main Categories for SSL Certificate

Here you can see different types of certificate categories. And can choose according to your requirement. Below are 6 main categories:

  • Personal
  • Business
  • Ecommerce
  • One Site
  • WildCard
  • Many Sites

Warranty for Certificate $10,000

Here is again an awesome thing about this website. This is providing a warranty for a certificate that you bought for your website. It’s 99.9% supporting the browser. It means all browsers supporting this certificate and you will not face any issues with that. If you find the issue and not working you can claim $10,000 for that. Term & Condition will apply. You can read it if you need it.

Free Reissue Certificate

Sometimes user loses their certificate and has to buy again it. But there will not this problem. You can easily Reissue your certificate and you will not have to pay for it. For that, you no need to contact customer support. It’s a very easy step and you can reissue it by yourself.

Installation of Cheapest SSL Certificate for your website

It’s very easy to install it for your website. You will get proper documentation for it. But if you are not familiar with technical knowledge and want to help. You can contact us. We can install it for your pricing and make your website secure. To contact us please fill out the contact form here. We are a web development company and providing too many services. Please visit services for more information.

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